I was born and raised in Southern California. My career and hobbies really had nothing to do with photography until much later in life. Sure, there was always the mandatory task of documenting family growth, vacations, and holidays on film and in prints but that was expected of us all. Right? When affordable digital cameras hit the market in the 1990’s I was an early adopter, primarily because of the more creative flexibility digital tools offered to the unsophisticated consumer like me. Digital post processing was fairly easy and led to the creation of photo greeting cards, photo books, calendars and various other digitally generated photographic projects.

With our sons grown and out of the home, and at about retirement time in 2012, I found a renewed interest in photography and started taking it seriously by reading, taking classes, and actually thinking about what I desired to create in this art form called photography. At about that time I became more interested in “creating” artistic images rather than strictly documenting an experience, vacation, or someone’s birthday party. Nothing wrong with those types of images but doing something slightly different with my photography is what motivated me. Admittedly, there is a wide gap between my work and some of the exceptional fine art photographers and digital darkroom technicians that excel in their art today. But, I am attempting to move in that direction but still keep my images “somewhat” realistic.

Without a studio, assistants, or even a desire to get too technical and complex, I usually seek a very simple approach to photography. Usually no extra lighting, no props, no studio trickery, and limited Photoshop tricks. Just compose and shoot and then bring out the best in that image with the digital tools at my disposal.

Though it’s still developing, my style is usually (though not always) high contrast, high saturation, closely cropped, clean images with few distractions. But more and more I’m finding myself exploring a little more editing to create something other than a narrowly defined photographic image.

My goal is to CREATE an image, not just simply to capture an image or take a photograph. I’m seeking to get a reaction from the viewer of my image. If the viewer utters “wow”, or “oh my”, or “I would never have thought of that,” or “that makes me feel…”, then I’m where I want to be with that image.

This website not only documents the limited travel I’ve been able to enjoy but also extends somewhat into the fine art that I’m striving for. But, in spite of what I’m trying to accomplish with my photography, I tell others to just get out of their photography what they want; whether it’s being a fanatical perfectionist or simply a snapshot shooter. It’s your photography. Do what you want with it. It’s a very individual and subjective thing. Enjoy it.